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For more than three decades, we have been installing Llumar® and Vista® window films for the most discerning residential and commercial clientele from Los Angeles to Boston. Our goal is simple: to listen to your questions, address your concerns and to provide a permanent solution to your problem. We only use the very best materials available; every residential installation includes LIFETIME warranty. As the owner of Boston Window Film, I personally guarantee the very best products, honest consultation, and a presence on virtually every window film installation we perform.

As a second generation window film installer, I learned at a very young age the many benefits of window film. It was actually a "flow-on" liquid when my father started tinting windows in Southern California over 45 years ago. It soon evolved to a plastic film applied with a spray-on adhesive and then to an adhesive based film like we use today. At the age of ten I had practiced enough and could perfectly tint a car, with flat glass window film. My first for profit was a new 1977 Honda Accord with Llumar® N-1050 window film; windshield included.

Since then, I've installed over a million square feet of window film to thousands of homes, auto, boats, storefronts, retail spaces, buildings, hotels, and hospitals. And, we've never experienced an adhesive failure with the Llumar® and Vista® window film products in more than 40 years.

I urge you to contact us today, ask for me personally, for any consultation you need regarding window film. We will not disappoint!

Thanks for visiting us online, we look forward to your business!

The Boston Window Film


Residential tinting

Our complete line of Vista® window films will solve your solar problem, whatever it is. Every installation includes lifetime warranty. We also carry full line of Residential Llumar® Magnum™ Safety & Security films

Decorative window films

As a Llumar® SelectPro dealer, we have the knowledge and the expertise to handle any decorative window film installation. Same-day and next-day service in Boston and surrounding areas.

Commercial window film

Small or large, buildings benefit best regarding window film. Improve aesthetics, reduce energy consumption, reduce glare and fading. We also carry full line of commercial Llumar® Magnum™ Anti-grafitti and Safety & Security films<

Llumar® Magnum Anti-grafitti and Safety & Security film

The Llumar® Magnum Safety & Security films offer the very best protection. Anti-grafitti film will protect storefronts from vandalism.

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